Types of aloe vera plants that are useful as a remedy of the outer and inner body parts

Aloe vera is a kind of plant that is very much useful. Traditionally, plants that have Latin language Aloe vera can be used as a natural remedy for the outside of the body or the inside of the body. Here the list of the benefits of aloe vera.

Fertilize and promote hair growth
Aloe vera contains enzymes that can promote healthy hair growth. Enzymes contained in this plant that is proteolytic, able to eradicate and remove dead skin cells on the scalp. This enzyme is also able to balance the pH of hair, maintaining water content and hair dampness. With so the process of hair growth becomes more leverage. The trick is to take the mucus from 1-5 stalks aloe vera leaves, then apply evenly on the hair to the skin of hair. While flattening and massaging for approximately 15-20 minutes then leave for 1 to 2 hours. After that rinse. Do it before bathing every day on a regular basis.

Eradicate dandruff
Dandruff is caused by excessive exfoliation on the scalp. Dandruff can also be a symptom of eating fungal infections or hair fleas. Hair will be itchy and be scratching the head excessively should be avoided because it will cause skin damage, which in turn may increase the risk of infection. Aloe vera besides can remove dead skin cells, it also has anti-fungal properties. This is because the fungus thrives in the acidic environment and the alkalizing properties of Aloe Vera will cause the fungus to not grow properly. With aloe vera, the problem of dandruff can be overcome naturally in the same way as the above description before.

Maintain acidity and immunity
Acid content we often encounter in the food we consume. Although not all foods contain acid, the food we consume contains at least 20{e5bba54ed76b9c85b851a82c5666b2a0972a61dc631654754314f737ccccb8a5} acid. Aloe vera helps to balance the acid needs of the body. So the antioxidant content found in aloe vera able to fight free radical compounds which is a side effect of body metabolism results. By consuming aloe vera juice will help the alkalization process in the body and improve the immune system so that we are more resistant to disease.

Helps the Digestive System
A healthy digestive system is able to absorb all the nutrients from every food we consume. By consuming aloe vera juice, it can serve to increase protein absorption and improve the regularity of bowel function. Aloe vera can also reduce the number of bacteria found in our intestines. Digestive problems such as stomach can also be reduced by consuming aloe vera.

Cure acne
Acne is caused by sweat or dirty blood that comes out through the sweat and we do not clean it properly. It can leave traces and sometimes move places. To overcome these dirty and acne problems, Aloe vera leaves can be an option to solve them. Aloe vera mucus can be drunk as juice or boiled and drunk the water. Can also by applying aloe vera mucus on acne, allow a few hours and rinse with warm water. For prevention, you can use aloe vera as a face mask.

Good for teeth and mouth
The role of Aloe vera as an anti-microbe is recognized to be very effective for cleaning teeth and gums. In addition, it can also be used as a mouth freshener especially for those who want to prevent the occurrence of bad breath. Aloe vera can also treat canker sores and bleed on the gums.

Aloe vera drinks do have so many amazing benefits for health. So there is no harm in making this drink as a natural herbal drink to meet the body’s nutritional intake. However, if consumed in excess or in the wrong way, aloe vera extract at risk to give negative effects to the body such as diarrhea. For some people who may have allergies to some foods such as onions and garlic are also at risk of having allergies to these plants. Therefore, use aloe vera consumption as necessary.