How To Pass A Urine Drug Test: All You Need To Know About It

Sometimes in life, we’re obligated to give a urine sample for different reasons. Maybe it’s for a regular work check, maybe it’s applying for a new job, or maybe it’s for a completely different reason. Whatever it may be, the medical staff doing the test will find out anything that’s happening inside our body and will find clues of anything that went through our system at least in the last couple of days.

In the USA only, there are millions of people enjoying recreational marijuana. Some of them can be called addicts, and some just occasional users. If you can fit in any of the two categories, you’re already asking yourself what’s the chance to be caught on the upcoming urine test. See some more about the chance to be caught on here:

Almost every employer will ask for a clean urine test. They prefer workers that are not doing drugs. Even a small dose of a light drug such as cannabis will make them refuse your work application. No matter how much it seems like we live in a democracy and people are liberal, there are still lots of people who act very conservative when the job is in question. So, how to pass a urine drug test? Read on and find out!

Things you need to know before the test

It’s important to know several things before the test. It’s very important to know that most drugs will flush your system in the time span from 2 to 90 days. Heavy drugs, such as heroin go through your body fast and won’t live traces in your urine after 2 or 3 days if it is injected once. The problem with these heavy drugs is that they are highly addictive, and the consequences are devastating. Vomiting, headaches, fevers, rushes, everything might happen after the consuming. This is actually the reason why so many people have such a hard time quitting heroin.

When it comes to marijuana products, it’s much more different. The effects on your body can be seen not more than 24 hours, but the traces in your urine stay there for a much longer period of time. If you’re an occasional user, they’ll probably leave not longer than a week. If you have tried a joint once just 4-5 days before the test, you have nothing to worry about, but if you’re smoking every day, you’ll need as much as three weeks to be sure you’re clean. Chronic users who smoke more times a day might show positive urine test results even after 90 days. Read about it here.

How to pass the test?

Knowing these facts, and facing a urine test soon, you are probably wondering how to avoid being caught? Let’s be clear at the beginning, there’s no magic wand to make the drug go away. If you smoked the night before the test, you shouldn’t enter the room where the tests are made. If you have time, then there are a few tricks that you can pull out of your sleeve.


Detoxification is a known method for clearing your body from toxins. There are countless products that help with this matter. Bodybuilders and people trying to lose weight are using them all the time, so you know that you have nothing to worry about. They come in all shapes and sizes. Pills, liquids, etc.

The good side of the detoxification is that it helps your body regenerate faster. Eating salty foods, on the other hand, will slow down the regeneration process. Our human organism has its own way of keeping all organs clean. These products will just help you do it faster. So, if you have a week to spare and you consumed the drug often, then it’s worth the shot. Take the products as it is prescribed, but don’t think you’ll do a miracle if you take a double dose. It doesn’t work that way.

Drinking more water

This might seem like a silly move, but just to be sure you are clean, you need to drink more water than usual. Water is the natural detoxification product. Back in the day when humans were not able to invent chemically built products for fast detoxification, the body was using water for it.

A simple way to understand what water does to your body and why it is important is to remember that we use water to wash our hands. Same happens with the organs inside. Water passes through them and collects the dirt – everything that’s not useful. This means excessive fat, food leftovers, and among all microscopic things – the marijuana particles.

Eating less heavy fat products

Marijuana’s THC half-life has a time span of around 20 hours. That means when THC enters your body, half of it it’s gone after 20 hours. The other half is staying in your body fat mass. The fat is created by eating unhealthy food. The more fat you have inside yourself, the more THC will be able to be stuck inside.

Simple logic will tell you that if you have no fat, THC will have a harder time to stay inside. That’s why you need to lay off the chips and the burgers. Eat healthy food, drink a lot of water, and you’ll be clean in no time.

Cheating methods

This is not recommended as cheating is not a good thing. Also, if you’re a lousy cheater, you might get caught and except the fact you’re doing drugs, you’ll have a record for a cheater too. However, if you’re really meant to do this, you can always switch someone else’s urine with yours. Urine has no ID on it to be connected to you, but if someone is watching behind your back, you won’t be able to pull this trick.

Final words

Marijuana has a lot of positive sides, but there are some negative ones too. Don’t think your boss is stupid and doesn’t know both of them. That’s why they ask for a drug test. If you know when this test is going to happen, make sure you stop using for some time. This is always the best choice. If you have no time, please use some of the mentioned above, but with care.

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