How to Keep Your Allergy Symptoms at Bay

At each season change, those with allergies can begin to suffer. Allergy sufferers seem to have more difficulty in the spring and fall but some people suffer from allergy symptoms all year long. When a person is dealing with severe allergies, there are medical interventions that can be helpful.

Allergies Can Interfere With Life

There are around 50 million allergy sufferers living in the United States. While many people are able to control their symptoms and live normal lives, some find it difficult to participate in their everyday activities simply because their symptoms get in the way.

Some allergens are difficult to avoid, such as dust and pollen. While lifestyle changes are an important part of overcoming allergy symptoms, testing is often needed before any medical intervention can be put in place.

Allergy Testing Can Save Lives

Those with severe allergies need to be tested so they can discover which allergens they are sensitive to. This will help their doctor to be able to better treat their allergies and help them avoid the allergens that cause them to have reactions.

Allergy testing involves administering a few different types of allergens just under the skin. If a person is sensitive to a particular allergen, their skin will begin to develop a welt and will turn red. The larger the welt and the more redness that develops, the more sensitive that person is to the particular allergen.

Immunology Treatments Can Greatly Reduce Sensitivity

Once a person knows what they are allergic to, they can receive immunology treatments that can help to reduce their allergen sensitivities. This involves injections of the allergen over a period of time. Although immunity can take months and even years to develop, many patients experience success with this form of treatment.

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