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Addictions and Genetics

There are many people who have to live fighting a form of addiction. When they get to have kids, they shall wonder whether their addiction was passed down to them. Here is more info on what an addiction would mean in a family.
Addictions are unfortunately genetic. When kids whose parents were addicted in their time get to their teenage years, they are more susceptible to fall into some form of addiction. This addiction can be blamed on genetics and behavior. we can therefore see that behavior is the other factor as crucial as genetics. How you behave, and how your kids choose to also behave has a bearing on how they will be in future. Children tend to ape their parents.
As human beings, we share virtually 99.9% of our DNA. We are different by only 0.1%. With such a small margin, there is a lot that shall be similar especially among family members. We can thus understand how some diseases, addictions included, are shared among family members. If you were an addict before, imagine the chances of your child being one.
There is more to learn about how behavior leads to such addictions. How you act around your child goes a long way. If you use drugs or alcohol, you shall be in close proximity to it. So will they. You will see them learning how to use such things even before they can control themselves. You also have to think of how you expect the child of an addict to end up behaving. You are bound to develop some behavioral issues, one of them, unfortunately, being that addiction.
It is worth mentioning that after having experienced what an addiction does to a family, the lessons learned will have them always conscious of addictions. Children of some addicts have grown to detest and ultimately stay away from a life filled with drugs and alcohol. This shall give them all the motivation they need to make sure that such a life is not what they end up giving their kids in future. You therefore can help them in that resolve when you see them come of age, and put in place measures to ensure that this does not become their story.
You need to first of all talk to your kids about drug and alcohol addictions, and share some of your experiences. They will see just how bad things can get, and how easily they start. As much as there is a chance they are likely to inherit the bad habit from you, the right approach will see them better prepared to avoid such an outcome.
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