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The Role of Supercomputers in Finding a Cure for Cancer

For several decades, cancer is and was considered as one of disturbing illness in the world more so a group of scientists who are affiliated with the ATOM believe that supercomputers can reduce the time it takes to develop new cure for cancer.

This is indeed a breakthrough if the latter was proven true and correct, a cure for cancer right at the palm of your hands saving millions of people around the globe.

In line with this project, two of biggest names in the medical field are affiliated with these researches like the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research as well as the GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) pharmaceutical company.

The main goal of these researchers is to utilize these supercomputers in finding suitable drugs for cancer in a short period of time so as human trials can be performed in no time. This may remain a dream if technological advancements were not made luckily you now have augmented reality and preclinical imaging which makes the development of drugs faster than ever. There are a lot of people who believe in this project that is why tons of organizations are supporting this research. If this research will become a success just imagine how many people it can help from various parts of the world.

A Total Amount of $750,000 Research Investment

One of the supporters in this project is Aedin Culhane, a senior research scientist in Dana-Farber Cancer Institute believe that technology is the driving force that will allow this project to succeed.

In addition, Helen Diller, a great addition to these wonderful researchers disclose that each year the University of San Francisco is investing $750,000 in research and lab for this project. Sure enough they would not invest such amount if they did not believe this is possible and this will succeed.

The role of GSK (GlaxoSmithKline)

Without a doubt one of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical field is the GlaxoSmithKlin, their contribution is more on providing access to nearly 2 million molecules that might be used in drug development.Among those molecules 500 were already taken out of the picture because it was not able to pass the drug development process. A lot of developments were already made in cancer research and undeniably the use of supercomputers might take this research into greater heights and overcome the obstacles in this research like time for instance. If you are given the chance to provide preventive medications to cancer, would you rather not take the path leading to it of course any person would want to provide treatments that could help in the prevention of cancer. You can just imagine how many people will be saved if this project come to a success, this will not just improve their life but also allow this people to be a living testimony of how powerful science is.

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